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Today Cheri Hill is joined by Molly Dahl, the woman behind YOUTH Positive.

The teen years are a very difficult time for most children, and an important set of years for self-development. While schools and teachers cover education, there are often other aspects of learning and life that get left out.

That's why Molly Dahl wanted to create her own curriculum specifically for children and teens, with the idea of taking a more active role in their lives, and especially in education. Her books include grades K-12, and a teachers guide as an accompaniment to the main courses.

They offer resources, tips, and practices to guide students to "live positive", and help them discover more about who they are.

YOUTH Positive uses findings from modern psychology and adolescent development theory, and present in a language that is easy for young people to understand.

If you want to learn more about YOUTH Positive, visit the website.

Or you can check out our SoundCloud page to listen to this very episode.

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