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Today in the studio, Cheri is joined by Karen Coe. Karen works through the University of Nevada Small Business Development Center. Today she is here to discuss Made In Nevada, "...a state wide collective organization that connects, promotes, and supports businesses that call this battle-born state home." In her own terms, Karen describes what they do as a "mega-phone for Nevada businesses".

The idea of a group that supports local entrepreneurs has been around since 1985 with the state governor of the time Bob Miller. The Small Business Development Center took the reigns in 2015, and created the current brand and logo. However, their mission is still to help local businesses connect and grow. There is a membership fee of $199 (annual). With this membership comes promotion of your product, connecting small businesses, supporting the local economy, and organizing events.

Made In Nevada works actively with other local groups such as Nevada Grown and Buy Local Nevada, and recently created Native American Made. This new line does for Native American entrepreneurs what Made In Nevada does for local businesses.

Companies with Made In Nevada include; Kimmie Candy, Fisher Space Pens, Waffle Envy, Alpine Soap Works, and Tamacino.

Waffle Envy is one example of connections made through Made In Nevada. Waffle Envy was a small start-up from around a year ago, Made In Nevada connected them with Kimmie Candy. They have since then learned exporting and better production through Kimmie Candy, and Waffle Envy is now found in coffee shops and grocery stores in-state.

If you want to find out more, check out their website.


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