• The Cheri Hill Show

Philanthropy in Nevada

Erin Mulvaney and Wendy Damonte join Cheri Hill to talk about philanthropy. Both Erin and Wendy have a large amount of experience in philanthropy in Nevada. One key example being Renown reaching out to suicidal and depressed youths.

Erin and Wendy bring up a recent upcoming event in Reno, the 3rd Annual Philanthropy Leaders Summit. This summit will take place Friday, September 21, 2018 at the Nevada Museum of Art. It starts in the morning at 8:00 and ends at 11:30 AM. This is the third summit to take place in Reno. It has been a yearly event since 2012 where it started in Las Vegas, NV.

One panel both Erin and Wendy are excited for is the Next Generation Panel. This panel is for young people that are up and coming entrepreneurs or interested in philanthropy. As Wendy says, "Kids are the future leaders...they are not afraid to take -no- for an answer, and push for what they believe in".


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