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Patent Tips and Tricks

Our guest today is Ryan Cann, who is a Patent Attorney. Ryan Cann is the founder of Cann IP Law PLLC, located in Downtown Reno, NV. His business specializes in helping clients obtain and fill out patents for their company. Ryan's clients have included everyone from inventors to universities. Similar to others in his field, Ryan Cann has an academic background in Science and Law School.

Due to the prevalence of Amazon and online shopping it's easier than ever for someone to get their product on the marketplace. However, Ryan Cann warns of the importance of obtaining a patent for your product, even though it may not be completely necessary. The main reason for this is simple; a competitor with a similar product, and a patent license, would be able to force you out with a claim that your product is copying theirs. A lack of a patent would make this difficult to fight against. This exact scenario actually occurred recently with one of Ryan's clients.

Another event Ryan brings up, is how Patent laws have changed in recent years for the United States. Originally, when it came to patents, the United States was "First to Invent". This term means anyone could file for a patent, as long as that person could prove they were the first to invent that idea. However, as of 2013 that is no longer in effect. The United States now follows "First to File", meaning patents are claimed by those who are the first to file for that patent. This change has actually brought the U.S. up to speed with the rest of the world.

Ryan also warns against talking to others about your product, before a patent is obtained. While it is great to have feedback, be careful of you discuss and plan with. There are people out there who wouldn't think twice about swooping in on unprotected ideas.

That wraps it up for this weeks episode. Make sure to tune in for the next installment for the Cheri Hill Show.


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