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Howard Root


Howard Root joins Cheri in the studio via-phone call. Howard is the previous owner of the Minnesota based medical device company, Vascular Solutions. He sold the company in 2017 to Teleflex, the reasons behind the sale are well documented in his book, Cardiac Arrest.

Simply put, Howard Root and his company had false accusations from a formal employee. Five years, 121 lawyers, and $25 Million later, he was found not guilty. The supposed charges involved questioning the safety of their products, despite being FDA-Approved and no evidence of a patient being harmed by any of these devices.

Years ago Cheri and her father, C.W. Allen, had a similar event occur. The two of them were in business as the Allen Financial Group. They were detained by a number of U.S. Department Treasury Agents, who proceeded to confiscate all that they owned. This event happened suddenly, with no warning, and no cause for it. Cheri and her father had no idea why, or who they would contact to discover why.

Since his retirement and the selling of his company, Howard has been seeking to combat this type of problem that many others have faced. As he puts it, "I was one of the lucky ones". Not everyone who is taken to court can muster up the amount of money necessary for a legal defense. And Howard definitely isn't the only who has had this occur.

Discover more about Howards story here.

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