• The Cheri Hill Show

How to Succeed at Marketing

Today Cheri Hill shares some knowledge when it comes to marketing your business. To begin with, she summarizes the basic components of a marketing endeavor. They are who you are marketing towards, what you present, and how you present what you have.

Following this, Cheri lists what she considers to be ten of the most common mistakes made when marketing a business or product:

  1. Not Knowing Your Market

  2. Not Understanding why Customers Buy

  3. Focusing on Your Needs, Instead of Their Customers

  4. Not Developing a Unique Selling Proposition

  5. Not Having a Marketing Plan

  6. Doing the Wrong style of Advertising

  7. Not Reaching Prospects in Customers Often Enough

  8. Letting Past Customers Get Away

  9. Not Testing all The Marketing Procedures Available to You

  10. Not Being Easy to Work With


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