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Grant Denton & The Karma Box Project


Grant Denton is in the studio today, to show us what Karma Box is, and what you can do to help.

The idea behind The Karma Box Project is simple, do something small, and help someone out in a larger way. Just like its namesake, you put good out there, and good resonates and comes back. Karma Boxes are containers set up around Reno, and act as small donation centers. Each box is decorated, and is open to anyone in need.

Generally Karma Boxes contain food items, toiletries, and clothing.

Grant Denton is one of the driving forces behind The Karma Box Project, and he believes that every little bit helps. As Grant said, these boxes aren't meant to cure or stop homelessness. A Karma Box is meant for a small "pick-me-up". A little something to help someone get through the day, and maybe start working towards a better life. In other words; "Small is good, small is okay".

If you want to participate, check out their page in the link below. And remember, The Karma Box is not a donation center. If you leave food, make sure it is non-perishable and can survive being out in the open without spoiling or rotting.

You can visit The Karma Box Project here.

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