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Finding the Right People

Cheri Hill is joined by Kate McEnroe in the studio today. Kate is calling in from Chicago IL, where she has her company Kate McEnroe Consulting. Her group is dedicated to finding the right people for the right companies, among other enterprises as well. Kate's consulting group has been doing this for the past twenty-five years.

What Kate does with workforces development is more important than ever now. As Cheri mentions, there are a large number of Baby-Boomers looking at retiring, and many companies are struggling with replacing retirees with new workers. "Gen-X" has too few members, and many of the "Millennial Generation" lack the required experience demanded by many companies. Beyond that; foreign workers face immigration and travel issues, and when it comes to locals not everyone has the transportation or may be lacking in exactly what companies are looking for.

One small change that has been occurring recently Kate says, are companies reaching out more to community colleges or even training centers to find people. However, many companies are still unaware of local resources in nearby communities. In a similar fashion, not all people in those communities are aware of resources/opportunities within their communities either. All of these problems are beginning to become present in Nevada with companies such as Tesla looking at moving in state.

One major solution is for companies to incentivize potential workers. Some companies have realized this by providing shuttles or other means of transportation, such as creating deals with local transport services where they exist. Another such incentive is providing some type of child care for single parents or couples that both work full time, or even elder-care for parents of workers. When it comes to interviewees who excel in everything but fail a drug test, a few companies across the country will assist them with rehab programs. And in a few rare cases Kate says, the public sector cuts deals with private housing to lower land costs, or keep the unit prices subsidized.

In short, companies need to look at re-working how they hire, reach out more, and add some flexibility to their policies. And on the other side, people looking for work can find resources in their communities to help them find a career.

You can find Kate McEnroe on her website below. She has written many articles and spoken at many summits and symposiums.


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