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Financial Planning with Todd Clary


Todd Clary, owner of Clarity Financial Coaching, is Cheri's guest today. Todd Clary started Clarity Financial Coaching last June, and has already helped many clients take control of daily expenses.

At its simplest, Todd has three steps to empower clients financial. The first, is looking at your history and situation, and creating a plan specifically for your needs and goals. The next step is to create better money and spending habits to change current habits. the final step is to stick to your plan, your new habits, and to grow. Ultimately your success is dependent on following these new spending habits and plan, and succeed financially.

Many habits, and even how you view money, can stem from how you grew up. How your parents saved, or did not save income, and how they spent can affect your habits towards finance. Some of Todd's past clients have been of retirement age, who suddenly realize that they have made no attempt at financial planning. It was a topic that no one had discussed with them, and consequently almost a missed opportunity.

This just goes to show that it's never too late to create a financial plan, or visit a Financial Coach like Todd Clary to help you save money and achieve any income based goals you may have.

Visit Clarity Financial Coaching, to find out more.

You can listen to this episode and more on our SoundCloud page.

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