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Today Cheri Hill is joined via phone call by Jason Kotecki. Jason is an author, painter, motivational speaker, and the man behind the website Escape Adulthood. He is also a leading expert on the condition known as "Adult-itis"

What is Adult-itis? It is defined as: "...a common condition affecting those between the ages of 21, and 121, marked by chronic dullness, depression, mild-to-high stress levels, general fear of change, and in some extreme cases the inability to smile." In other words, Adult-itis is an absence of fun, and Jason wants to help fix that.

Through his artwork and books, Jason's ultimate goal is to help others look at life in different ways. To see the good in events that may seem stressful at the time. An excellent example of this comes from something that happened to Jason. His house needed some remodeling, and it was stressing him out, and so Jason kept putting it off. Eventually, he bit the bullet and began the process. The end result? A room that is now used by his family more than other rooms in their household. They now have a place for fun, a place where they can be more of a family.

Jason's new book, A Chance of Awesome, is all about looking at the world through a new lens. This book ultimately wants to help you by being a spark for you to find that opportunity you have been missing out on.

You can find out more about Jason and his art over on his website.

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