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Counties Matter

Updated: Dec 28, 2018


In this episode, Cheri Hill is joined by Dagny Stapleton, Executive Director of the Nevada Association of Counties. The Nevada Association of Counties (NACO), is a board that represents the seventeen counties that make up Nevada.

Considering that Nevada's counties vary in population size, NACO does a lot to make sure that all counties feel included. Namely, each position (director, president, manager, etc.) all come from different counties, and work with each counties government.

When it comes to legislation sessions, the counties look at each bill as a collective. And when it comes to a new commissioner of a county being elected, NACO provides a handbook to help any new commissioner get there start. They also provide training and education through annual conferences.

A lot of what services counties provide are similar to what a state would provide. Or in some instances, such as needing an ambulance or medical assistance out on a hiking trail, would be provided by the county.

You can learn more about the Nevada Association of Counties here.

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