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Christy Largent- Workplace Communication


Communication in any workplace is vital for any company to thrive, and the communication technologies of today make that easier than ever. We can be constantly connected through phone calls, texting/instant messages, emails, and even video calls. But this can come at a price. With all this virtual communication, many will forget about taking time for face-to-face communication. And because of this, many adults today feel lonely and disconnected, despite the plethora of communication options.

That's where Christy Largent comes in. A motivational speaker for many years, she covers better ways to communicate and connect inside of, and outside, the workplace.

As Christy has seen personally with her own children, many young people constantly use their mobile devices, which can be a problem in a work environment. However, some companies turn this into an advantage. Take Dutch Brothers Coffee for example. With a workforce almost entirely made of the younger generation, cellphones are constantly in use. But in this case they are used in relation to working and their customers. Taking photos of drinks, selfies with customers and more are posted online, and this adds to the fun environment that can be found at any Dutch Brothers location. And other companies have adapted similar methods with equal success.

And what about office spaces, or other work environments? It's simple, take the time to talk to your employees or employers. Ask questions in person. Not all work has to be done in a virtual space.

Christy Largent is not only a motivational speaker, but also the co-host of the PBS show The Forum, runs a podcast called Encouraging Words for Working Moms, and author of the book 31 Positive Communications Skills for Women. Her events are always entertaining for attendees, and always engaging.

You can visit Christy Largent's website to find out more about her speaking and events.

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