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Updated: Dec 28, 2018


In this episode of The Cheri Hill Show, our in-studio guest is Brian Wilcox. Brian is the Chief Information Security Officer for BlackRidge Technology.

Brian has an extensive background in technology and security prior to joining BlackRidge Technology.

BlackRidge, and Brian specifically, work to improve security when it comes to cloud based services and networks. Their patented technology is used throughout industrial enterprises, the Industrial Internet of Things, and the government.

The Internet of Things is comprised of any device, or object, that is connected in some way to the internet or any other cloud based system. And with the IoT growing daily, it's even more important for people to work in cyber-security. However, there is a skills gap in these fields, both the IoT and the security skills for protecting it are both very recent, and many companies are in need of workers with that knowledge.

That is why Brian is keeping an eye on a new program from the Reno Technology Academy. The Reno Technology Academy is looking to fill a skills gap in technology related jobs, by offering scholarships for their two new programs, Cyber-security and Internet of Things. After a two year program, those who complete will be given a certificate, and will have contact information for companies looking for cyber-security and IoT workers.

You can find out more about BlackRidge Technology here.

Interested in a Reno Technology Academy scholarship? Check them out on their website.

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